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MDM Supports the Evolving Retail Market

During the 20th century, retail and shopping changed. In many ways the industry was born out of the changing social dynamics and economics of the century. The 20th century was the first century in a post-industrial world; a world where cities became the economic focus rather than the agrarian focus of the past. 

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Build Custom Dashboards with Grafana

Springmatic has an intuitive UI that is built to scale to 100,000+ devices seamlessly. Its built-in dashboard and powerful filters help managers tease out a lot of detailed information about their device status, apps running, and more. However, for users looking to take their information and further customize how it is presented, the platform can be paired with other data analytics platforms as well. 

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Modern Kiosks Take You Beyond Lockdown

One of the most significant advancements in device management and security recently is the implementation of a more modern kiosk mode that goes beyond single app restrictions to deliver whole environments that enable custom end-user experiences. By extending restrictions to multiple applications and system settings, admins can create custom interfaces that go way beyond the simple kiosks deployed in today’s legacy systems 

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MDMs Help DevOps Workflows

For years, traditional device management has been reduced to securely restricting device  environments in order to simplify operations  and increase productivity for task workers.. This use case still exists across multiple industries - including education, medical, logistics, POS–but device and software capabilities have risen substantially in recent years, and so has the number of cases. One solid case for a modern MDM, when done well, is for DevOps teams looking to implement, scale, and push updates within seconds to thousands or more devices  across multiple locations.

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Android Enterprise vs Android Edge

Springmatic offers a choice of ways to manage Android devices. One is to employ Android Enterprise’s native Device Policy Controller (DPC). The other is to employ Springmatic’s custom controller, Springmatic Core.

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Employing Hybrid Cloud For A More Responsive Edge of Things

Since the early 2000’s, the idea of Cloud-based computing has moved from concept, to buzzword, to trend, to near ubiquitous adoption. The convenience of being able to spin up server-side services rapidly makes it perfect for business sys-admins and developers alike. The scale of cloud computing is also perfect for organizations looking to scale globally. With a few clicks, a second instance of a company's whole platform can be spun up thousands of miles away. 

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