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Unlocking Android's Full Potential With AOSP

Seeing the enormous potential of handheld devices and data services, Google became interested in the idea of a mobile-first operating system. In 2005 they acquired the Android codebase from Android Inc., and in late 2007 Google unveiled the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) in order to develop a full, production-quality operating system for mobile phones. 

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Your Legacy MDM Bill Is Going Way Up

The world was built on cheap energy--software included–-so it's no surprise we take cheap energy for granted, and even less of a surprise that we don't factor it into our software purchasing decisions. Those who continue to do so, however, will likely find their hands tied and future budgets squeezed, because energy prices will remain high, and they’re going to take your MDM and cloud bill along for the ride.

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Employing Hybrid Cloud For A More Responsive Edge of Things

Since the early 2000’s, the idea of Cloud-based computing has moved from concept, to buzzword, to trend, to near ubiquitous adoption. The convenience of being able to spin up server-side services rapidly makes it perfect for business sys-admins and developers alike. The scale of cloud computing is also perfect for organizations looking to scale globally. With a few clicks, a second instance of a company's whole platform can be spun up thousands of miles away. 

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Why Legacy MDM Will Become Extinct

I always assumed Homo Sapiens were the predecessor to the Neanderthal, but in Harari's book Sapiens he tells the story about how the Neanderthal and Sapiens actually...

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